Wedding Photography General Information

You are here because you are looking for the right photographer for your big day.  When choosing a company to hire, there are a few things to keep in mind.  Your wedding pictures are one of the only things you will have to cherish and hold onto after your wedding day is over.  It is important to look at a photographer’s style and see if their work is something you admire and would like something similar for yourself.  Our style is bright and airy in a sense.  We like candid shots that have good colors, are bright, and in a sense, fun.  We want you to look back and remember how exciting your whole experience was.  We do not edit darker or gloomier type of images.  We use the technology of today’s cameras to capture bright, colorful, and fun pictures.  You may also notice that our backgrounds, especially for engagements or bridals, are very soft and painterly.  We want you to be the main focus of the picture while the background almost adds a textural element.  If you like our style and would like images like we produce to pass down for generations to come, let us know as we would love the opportunity to work with you.

Engagement sessions have to be one of our favorite things to shoot and one of the most important sessions you will have with your photographer.  Engagements allow us to really take the time to get to know both of you on a more personal level, which leads to everything after that day being better.  For this reason, we do not time engagement sessions and instead dedicate an entire afternoon to just enjoying it with the two of you as we take our time and really focus on the two of you, your relationship, and just have a fun afternoon hanging out together!  We understand not all guys like to take pictures and some girls don’t either.  We have some special techniques we use to get both of you comfortable and make things less posey posey, which results in engagement pictures that probably led you to read this.  We always strive to get to know you and create beautiful imagery that your friends and family will look at and say, “That is so y’all!”  Pick a day, let’s hang out, and create great stories and images together.

Bridals are all about you and that fabulous dress you picked out!  As with our engagement sessions, we do not time these sessions either.  We spend an entire afternoon dedicated to taking our time and really showcasing you and the dress of your dreams.  After all, you spent hours getting your hair / makeup done just right and countless trips picking out your dress, let’s shoot the bridal of your dreams.  Dedicating this time to you also allows us to further get to know you and create a friendship of sorts.  All of this leads up to your big day.  By the time your wedding day comes, you will feel as if you have known us for years leading to you being super comfy and relaxed on your wedding day.  We hear it from clients all the time!

Now the big day has come!  Your wedding day is the only thing we work off of a time schedule for and is what our packages are based around.  We typically like to shoot 2-3 hours of prep as it makes for beautiful images you will cherish for years to come.  Take our word for it, you don’t want to skip out on prep photos.

Typically during prep, we shoot you with your bridesmaids hanging out, getting your hair and makeup done, and the all important details of your wedding attire.  You took time to hand select each item that you will be wearing that day and we love to capture creative images of all these details.  We also do the same thing for the groom’s party.  This is done best with a dedicated 2nd photographer who’s sole responsibility is the groom.

After prep, we would shoot pictures of you with your bridesmaids in the more formal sense.  Dedicate enough time so we can shoot some really fun pictures of all of you!  We would also shoot a ” First Look” if you have chosen to do so.  We love first looks because they provide the opportunity for you and the groom to see each other for the first time in a more intimate setting with just the two of you.  We would pick out a perfect location with good lighting, resulting in great keepsake photos.  First looks also allow us to shoot all of the wedding party photos as well as family shots before your ceremony takes place, eliminating the downtime for your guests between ceremony and reception.  If you choose not to do a first look, this is fine by us as well.  We want your day to be exactly how you envision it.

When figuring out which package works for you, dedicate the proper time for the length of your ceremony.  These vary so much from the traditional hour long church wedding to the more casual approach of the plantation lawn.  A 2nd photographer during the ceremony allows for 2 angles of everything allowing one of us to focus on you and one of us to focus on the groom if you choose to have one.

Reception times vary as well.  If you are having a formal exit and want those pictures, you would add in the entire length of your reception.  If you are not, you can figure in enough time for us to cover all of the important events like cake cutting, first dances, bouquet and garter tosses, etc.  The reception is where all of your guests really get to enjoy themselves and let loose.  You will want pictures of this of course, but it is up to you as to how much coverage you want.  We find that the second half of receptions tends to be more about guests and less focus is on you and the groom generally speaking.

We hope this helped!  If you have any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask.

After your wedding day, we begin our process of sorting and editing all of your images for final delivery.  We have a dedicated edit staff that carefully edits each and every single image by hand.  This is important to us and your pictures are all you have at this point in the process to remember what a great day it was.  Our typical delivery time, due to hand editing every image, is 4-6 weeks.  You will be sent a link to an online gallery where you can view and share all of your images.  Both color and BW versions of every single edited image will be delivered.  Some images look classic in BW and some images really pop in color.  We want you to have both!  You will also be given the copyright release to your images as we want you to save them ALL and keep them forever.  This is your day and we want you to remember it forever.

We do offer albums and prints. We also keep our monitors color calibrated with our lab to ensure perfectly finished products every time.

All of our albums are hand made in Italy and include a custom handmade box that the album comes in.  Both are a truly custom work of art and make great display pieces as well as keepsakes.  We will work with you to customize every single element of these designs.  You may choose to design it with your wedding colors, or you may choose something that will look great in your home.  Whichever you choose, being they are handmade, we can customize it for you.

We can print on almost anything including traditional photographic framed prints, metal, wood, and canvas.  We can also create impressive clusters of prints that are sure to capture the attention of guests in your home.  We work with you closely to help pick product types and sizes designed specifically for the space you want to fill.

Portrait Session . . . $425

Custom Photo Guestbook with Engagement Photo . . . $450

Save the Date Card (200, 5×7) . . . $300

Thank You Card (200, 5×7) . . . $300

Additional Hour of Coverage . . . $250

Signature Hand Made Italian Album . . . $850

Additional Album Pages . . . $32.50 each

Parent/Duplicate Albums . . . 30% off Original Price

‘Social Booth’ Photo Booth . . . $500

Rehearsal Dinner . . . $500

Download our Pricing Guide

Download our most up to date pricing guide for your ease of reference now.

Wedding Packages

All packages include: 60 day online viewing gallery, color and B&W versions of all delivered images

The Orleans

5 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage
Wedding Images w/ Print release
Assistant Photographer (additional $125)
2nd Photographer (additional $350)

The Bourbon

8 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage
1 Portrait Session
Wedding & Portrait Session Images w/ Print Release
16″x24″ Mounted Print
2nd Photographer (additional $500)

The St. Charles

10 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage
2nd Photographer
1 Portrait Session
Wedding & Portrait Session Images w/ Print Release
16″x24″ Canvas Wrap or Metal Print
9.5″x13″ Custom Album w/ Custom Box Enclosure (30 Page)

How far in advance should I book a wedding photographer?

We are typically the 2nd vendor booked.  Normally brides book a venue first to ensure a date and then book a photographer according to this date.  We typically book a year in advance for weddings, so you definitely don’t want to wait too long.  We hate telling happy and excited potential clients that we are already booked.

What is a "portrait session"?

We refer to both engagements and bridals as portrait sessions.  These two items are interchangeable and sit at the same cost.  The portrait sessions that are included in some packages can be used for either type of session.

Can I work with you to design a customized package for my wedding photography needs?

Absolutely.  We can create any sort of custom package that fits your day and specific needs.  Our packages listed are the most common and offer you a general idea of our price ranges and offerings.

What about the rehearsal dinners and other parties?

We are available to shoot any additional parties or dinners you may have.  While not all clients choose to do so, we have the option available if you would like this added.

How long until we receive our photos?

Our edit staff hand edits all images, so our turn around time for wedding photos is typically 4-6 weeks depending on the time of year and our wedding schedule.

Portrait session images are typically delivered in about two weeks.

Are delivered photos edited?

We have an edit staff that takes the time to edit each and every image by hand to ensure quality and consistency in our style.  Every image delivered will be edited in this same fashion.

Can my family and friends have access to the photo gallery?

Yes.  After your sessions or wedding day, you will be sent a gallery link so you can view your images online.  This can also be sent to your family and friends so they can enjoy your images as well and purchase prints if they would like.

Can guests purchase prints?

Yes.  The gallery link you send out to them will have the option for them to directly purchase prints if they would like.  They don’t have to bother you at all for images.

How much extra money would it be for a destination wedding?

We LOVE destination weddings.  There is no up-charge for destinations, we only ask that you cover our travel expenses in addition to your photography package so we can get to the fabulous place you chose to have your wedding!