Let’s Discuss Decor- Wedding Edition
January 10 , 2019 decorations-details

Let’s Discuss Decor- Wedding Edition

Welcome back friends,

Today I wanted to treat you guys to some of my absolute favorite wedding decor shots. The photos were captured among multiple different weddings, and have all come together in this blog to aid in showing you that you wedding can be a clear representation of you. Whether you are on the simple side, love a blast of color, or just wish to find some nice centerpieces- this post has it all for you. I hope you guys enjoy looking at the photos as well as the names I gave each genre (I think they’re pretty good). So, whether you are here in hopes of getting some inspiration for your wedding, or just looking along to see the creativity behind our shots; sit back, relax, and enjoy the scroll.

Decked Out With Decadent Donuts-

Bride: Brandy Smith

Donut Bar at wedding in LouisianaBlack & White photo of donut bar at wedding in LouisianaDonut Hole view of donut bar at Louisiana wedding

Bubbly Bar Bliss

Bride: Brandy

Champagne/bubbly bar at Louisiana wedding

champagne glasses at wedding in louisiana

Time to Treasure Forever

Bride(s): Bonnie, Brandy

memorabilia table with photos and guest book at Louisiana wedding

white and pink rose centerpieces at wedding in Baton Rougehonoring those in heaven at wedding in Louisiana

Louisiana wedding koozie favors

Combining The Blue and The New

Husbands: Jimmy and Tyler

beautiful blue and white decorations on table at wedding in Louisiana up-close shot of name plaque with blue flowers at Louisiana Wedding Louisiana wedding guest book and table

Mainly Modern with a Side of Muffito

Bride: Yoke

classic Louisiana dishes offered on wedding menuLouisiana wedding beverage menu

Colorful Charisma

Bride: Zuhra

Beautiful lights at Louisiana Indian wedding beautiful, colorful decorations at Indian wedding in Louisiana beautiful, colorful table at Indian wedding in Louisiana colorful, beautiful table decor with name plaques

I know today’s blog may seem a little short and you may think we didn’t talk much, but I decided to let these gorgeous wedding decor shots speak for themselves. In conclusion, whether you are keeping it simple or decking it out with donuts, we know your wedding day is going to be great. Hopefully, we are there to witness first hand and to capture every single minute.

Looking forward to our next chat,


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