Portrait Photography General Information

Family portraits are $175 for 2 hours in one location.

We normally shoot families of no more than 5. Groups of 6 or more, please contact us with details on your group size and needs for more accurate pricing.

Children portraits are $125 for 1.5 hours in one location.

Senior portraits are $250 for up to 2 hours on location.

Your choice of one or two outfits, as long as time permits.

Up to two locations as long as they are close in distance and time permits.

Our package is normally $550 for 2 hours.

We allow time for outfit changes during the session so times may vary a little.

We have a makeup stylist that can prep you for these pictures on location if you want the full experience. Please specify that you are interested in makeup when contacting us so we can try and make these arrangements for you.

What should my family and I wear?

Try and coordinate colors so that they mesh well in the photos. Let your personalities shine and wear something comfortable for you.

How young of children are you comfortable shooting?

We shoot families of all types, but we do not shoot newborns.  We can recommend someone for newborn sessions.

What if my child/children get restless and it takes longer to shoot?

Children normally have a short attention span when it comes to sessions.  We can try and make sessions more fun and natural to keep their attention longer, but when a child is done, they are done.  It is best to shoot as quick as we can while they are cooperating.  Adding or extending a session normally doesn’t help.  We keep these sessions short for a reason.

Do you have any suggestions for places to shoot?

We have lots of places we like to shoot.  Some mini sessions are setup at certain locations for that day.  If you book a full session, we will discuss backdrop options with you prior to your session to suggest possible shooting locations that match that style.

How do you capture my family and our personalities in our family portraits?

We try and do things fun for the kids, letting them be them.  These end up being the best pictures anyway right?  We have found if we keep things more interesting for them, we get a much better result.  Bring some bubbles, props, things your kids enjoy!

Do you have any suggestions for hair and makeup?

We work with several hair and makeup artist.  We can certainly recommend someone for you if you let us know your needs.

Is my cap and gown considered an outfit?

It is a pretty important feature that says you are a graduate more than the others.  With that said, it is an outfit but is pretty quick to put on over another outfit.  Just keep in mind your session time when outfit planning.

Can I bring props for my senior photos?

if you have props, bring them along.  We love to capture your personality in the images!

What is a boudoir shoot?

A boudoir shoot is most often done in lingerie or other types of similar outfits.  These images are often given as wedding day or holiday gifts to spouses.

How much do boudoir albums normally cost?

Albums typically start at $250 and are sized to be discrete and fit nicely in an end table or dresser drawer.

Where are boudoir photographs taken?

Boudoir sessions can take place in your home or most often in a local hotel suite.  These suites often have nice light, nicely decorated beds, and offer multiple looks around the suite itself.  These sessions can take place in your home as well if it is properly suited.  We do not have a dedicated space in our offices for boudoir shoots.