Bridal Photography General Information

We do offer bridal sessions separate from wedding sessions.

Our price for bridals à la carte is $525.

Bridals are typically taken at your chosen wedding venue location. Any location fees are typically included in the price that you paid for the venue itself for your wedding. Please contact them for further information. You are responsible for any fees incurred to shoot at a location you choose.

If you would like to take your bridals at a different location, please contact your chosen location to check availability before scheduling your bridal session.

You don’t need to bring much to your session.  You should bring your vail and bouquet if you would like.  Many times, depending on the dress, you can also bring and wear tennis shoes under your dress for more comfort when walking around from location to location.

There is no need to bring a sheet.  This is a common thing we hear a lot. The problem with bringing a sheet, is by the time we tuck the sheet under your dress to hide it, it is no longer serving it’s objective.

The selection and edit process begins.  Your final edited images will be delivered to you via an online gallery.  If your wedding package includes a bridal print, you will then select the image you would like printed for display at your reception.  We will order the print and have it ready for your wedding day.  All edited bridal images are yours to keep forever.  You will be able to download them directly in full resolution from your viewing gallery.

What are some things I need to bring with me for my shoot?

Bring your veil, bouquet, and anything you may need to touch up with during the shoot.  That is all, no white sheets needed!

What if I need more time for my shoot?

We dedicate an entire afternoon to bridal shoots.  Because these are not timed sessions, you will not need to add more time.  We love taking our time and making sure you are happy, so we spend an entire afternoon with you creating beautiful images for you to cherish forever.

Can I have multiple locations for my shoot?

Because we dedicate an entire afternoon, you can shoot at multiple locations if you would like as long as they are fairly close by to one another.  You don’t want to constantly be driving all over the place in your wedding dress.  We typically like to choose places to shoot that offer multiple different backdrop option and look to reduce the need to travel.

Do I need to come up with my own poses before the shoot?

The most important thing to us is for you to look comfortable, happy and like you are enjoying yourself.  A picture comes out best when you are looking fabulous and comfortable and not necessarily the poses you choose. With that said, if you happen to come across a pose or two you really like, bring those along with you and we can work with it and add in your own little twist.

What about props?

Props are fine.  We often have clients that bring little signs, notes to dad, etc.  If you have an idea for a prop in mind, let us know before hand and bring it along the day of your shoot.