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“Down to the Details of Bridals at Nottoway Plantation”

beautiful bridals for southern wedding at Nottoway plantation
                Detail-oriented Bridals in White Room at Nottoway Plantation in Louisiana

A glimpse into the details behind beautiful bridals during hectic Louisiana weather:

             Weddings, bridals, engagements, and our lives for that matter are all about the details- and photography is no exception to this. This photo in particular holds many TINY details, including one of which the eye cannot see (and for good reason). On this particular day, Baton Rouge decided to give us some chilly weather. So chilly in fact, that our photographer wore his lime green jacket to go to this photoshoot. Now, I know what you are thinking- Paige, how does this have anything to do with this beautiful photo?

            Well, it wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful with a man in a lime green jacket being reflected in the mirror now would it? This is exactly why photography focuses so much on little details. It is something nobody thinks about, though at the end of the day these tiny details make the entire shot. Luckily, thanks to our amazing, yet scary-sophisticated technology the reflection was removed. Oh, and no need to fear- we have since declared to only wear white in the White Room. Now I’m sure you are curious as to where this beautiful White Room is located. If you are looking for elegance, class, and beautiful mirrors to add that extra detail to your bridals, look no further . The Nottoway Plantation in White Castle, Louisiana has all this and more.

bridals which focus on elegant dress in Nottoway plantation
Black and white bridals at Nottoway Plantation


           Also, this probably goes without saying, but if you want to get shots this beautiful and truly blow your friends, family, and heck even your enemies away, book with us! Not only do we appreciate your business, but we are always looking for an excuse to go back and shoot at this venue.

Until next time,

Paige *signal dramatic, departure music*

Bridals upon entering/leaving Nottoway Plantation
Bridals with Exterior of Nottoway Plantation

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