5 Reasons You Should Have Bridal Portraits Taken
August 01 , 2018 bridals

5 Reasons You Should Have Bridal Portraits Taken

Why you should have bridal portraits taken

Here at Modern Heart Photography, we believe bridal portraits are a very important and popular Southern wedding tradition. You spend a ton of time and money planning out the smallest details, not only of your wedding day but also your wedding look. A bridal session is a perfect opportunity to properly document all of your hard work.

Brides usually have their bridal portraits taken a few weeks before their wedding. They are such a nice keepsake for both you and your family. On your wedding day, your photographer will definitely take a few portraits of you, but more and more brides are opting to have a full bridal portrait shoot. Here are 5 reasons that you should have bridal portraits taken before your wedding:


  • You can take more time with them

Weddings are an uncontrolled event that follows a strict timeline. It is very important that your photographer sticks to your wedding timeline so that all of your wedding festivities stay on schedule. This means that your photographer is going to have to move relatively quickly to capture all of the photos on your wedding shot list. Having bridal portraits taken before your wedding will allow your photographer to spend more time on the shoot. They will be able to take their time, take tons of photos, and give you plenty of options to choose from. Moving more slowly through the shoot, will help you feel more relaxed and allow you to try out many different poses.

  • Use it as a test run

A bridal portrait shoot almost serves as a test run for your wedding day. It is the perfect opportunity to see how your entire bridal ensemble [ wedding gown, hair, makeup, accessories ] comes together. You can make any necessary adjustments before your actual wedding day. I also think this is a great opportunity to do a bouquet test run as well. Have your florist make up a mock wedding bouquet for you to use during your portraits, that way you can make sure it is exactly what you wanted.

  • You can go to more locations

Having your bridal portraits taken before your wedding gives you so much more flexibility. On your wedding day, your photographer will be somewhat limited with where they can photograph you — they will want to keep you hidden from guests and from your groom before the wedding. If you have your bridal portraits taken before your wedding, you can take full advantage of your entire wedding venue. Your photos will have so much more diversity to them. You can also have your photos taken somewhere other than your wedding venue if you would like. You just have so many more options!

  • You will be more comfortable on your wedding day

You will feel so much more at ease posing for photos on your wedding day if you have bridal portraits taken beforehand. By that time you will have a better idea of what to expect and know which poses are most flattering. You will also probably feel very comfortable working with your photographer by that point.

  • It is a great focal point for your reception

If you have your bridal portraits taken before your wedding, you will have the opportunity to display it at your wedding reception. You can work with your wedding photographer to choose your favorite bridal portrait. They can assist you with printing and framing so that it can be a focal point at your wedding reception. Guests will absolutely love it!

Common questions:

When should I have my bridal portraits taken?

  • You should have your bridal portraits taken 3-4 weeks before your wedding if possible. By that point, all of your final alterations on your dress should be finished. That also leaves plenty of time to have your favorite portrait printed and framed to display at your reception.

Where should I have my bridal portraits taken?

  • Your wedding venue is a really great spot to have your bridal portraits taken because there will be sentimental value. You can also travel to other locations around the city that you like but won’t be able to get to on your wedding day.

Should I have my wedding bouquet in the photos?

  • It is up to you! I think it is a great idea to include your bouquet in some of your photos. It will add more variety and you will be able to make sure you are 100% happy with how your bouquet looks before your wedding day.

How large should I get my bridal portrait printed?

  • 16 x 20 is a really great size to have your bridal portrait printed. It is large enough that it will catch your attention without being too over the top. Of course, you can go slightly smaller [ 11 x 14 ] or slightly larger [ 20 x 24 ]. It just depends what you prefer!

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