Something borrowed, old, new, and blue…
October 22 , 2017 weddings

Something borrowed, old, new, and blue…

Something borrowed, something old, something new, and something blue! Looks like these ladies are ready to say “I Do.”

This tradition comes from an old English rhyme. A bride normally adds these things to her wedding gear or holds it with her as a good luck charm on her wedding day. Something borrowed signifies borrowed happiness. Something old stands for continuity that the couple may share their lives together forever. Something new represents the hopefulness for the future and something blue represents love and fidelity in the marriage. Women now a days choose whether they want to participate in this age old tradition. Many decide to add these small pieces in the accessories that accompany them on their wedding day.

These are just a few of the accessories we have adored throughout the years:

Detailed Garter

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