7 Baby Shower Games
February 17 , 2017 events

7 Baby Shower Games

A regular client of ours asked for us to photograph her baby shower. It was such a fun event and not one that we do often.The family that hosted the shower had many interesting traditions.


Baby shower traditions and games

It was amazing to see the different rituals the family and guests went through in order to show support for the soon to be mother, to wish fertility on the young ones of the family, and more.

These traditions got us thinking of our own baby shower ideas. Unlike the shower we attended the other weekend, sometimes baby showers can get a little stale and boring. Below are some of the pictures we took for the baby shower we attended as well as some of the games we’ve seen played at baby showers that are guaranteed to entertain your guests.

My Water Broke

Everyone at the shower gets an ice cube that will be placed into their drinks. Inside of the ice cube will be a small plastic baby (like the ones you would find in a king cake). The ice will melt away and the first with a baby free of the cube, will yell out “my water broke”.


Guess Her Size

A role of yarn will be passed around the party and each person will cut off a length from it that they think will be the perfect size to fit around the mommy to be’s baby bump. The person with the closest size yarn to the baby bump will win a prize.

Measuring the baby bump.

Don’t Say Baby (steal a clothes pin)

If you say the word “baby” at the baby shower then anyone around you that hears the word can take a clothes pin from you and place it onto themselves. The person with the most amount of clothes pins at the end of the party will win a prize.

Gift Bingo

Everyone at the party will receive a bingo card when it is time to open gifts. The card will contain objects off of the registry for the party. You can slowly cross off the gifts that the mother to be receives from your card. When you get five squares in a row you shout out “BINGO”.

Baby shower games and prizes

Baby Word Scramble

Sheets of paper will be passed around to guests. The paper will contain a list of words normally associated with babies (diapers, bottle, pacifier, etc.). The words will be scrambled (raidpes – diapers) and the first one to solve all of the scrambled words wins the game.

Name the Baby Food

There will be a station with baby food with all of the labels taken away. The guest to guess the most flavors correctly will win.

Who’s watching the baby

Everyone will receive a small baby or other object that will resemble a baby. If you lay your baby down or take your eye off of it for a second, another guest may steal your baby and return it to the host. The last person with a baby wins a prize.

Baby shower games

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